First Jumps

Every kiter dreams of his first jump, with the methods “do it yourself”, however, it takes a long time to learn and accidents are frequent.

The maneuvers to get up from the water are few but must be learned and executed with precision, a qualified instructor in constant radio contact with the student is the most effective approach to progress safely and quickly.

what's inside for you

The First Jumps course will introduce you directly into the world of expert kiters and will make you literally make a “quantum leap”.

You will increase your confidence with the sail and you will feel at one with your board, thanks to the constant radio contact with your instructor you will be able to coordinate the two basic movements to make the first jumps: the inversion of the sail and the pop with the board.

In a short time the small jumps will no longer be the prelude to disastrous landings but the starting point for your first tricks. Prenta ora

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1 day










IKO Progression Certification

be ready when the wind calls!

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