Shared Basic Course

If you’re seeking a thrilling experience and aiming to learn kitesurfing in company, our basic course is just what you and your companion need! Share six exciting and educational hours with a qualified instructor as you both learn the fundamentals of this fascinating water sport.

Throughout this intensive course, you’ll be guided step by step through the core concepts of kitesurfing. From understanding the theory to practical sessions in the water, you’ll gain the skills necessary to maneuver the board and ride the waves with the wind as your ally.

This experience is designed to provide:

Personalized lessons for two people 6 hours of shared training A dedicated instructor to maximize your learning Use of high-quality equipment Safety ensured through detailed instructions on equipment usage and safety protocols

what's inside for you

It will be an opportunity to learn essential safety measures and develop the skills required to navigate safely and effectively with the kite. Additionally, there might be a focus on balance, proper posture, and various board control techniques.

Overall, expect to take the first steps towards autonomy in kitesurfing, enjoying the enthusiasm of learning an exciting new water sport!” Prenta ora

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€280 Per Person






IKO Progression Certification

be ready when the wind calls!

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